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Atomoxetine Hydrochloride

Related post: Rizzini (1971), quotes the balm as being utilized for respiratory diseases. It is frequently used as a sedative and expectorant candy. Gottlieb (1982), indicates the species M. balsamum native in the Amazon as having essential oils which contain the substance Nerolidol. Nowadays the balm is mainly utilized in perfumery articles and in sedative candy for coughs. 7. HARVESTING, CONSERVING AND PREPARATION The popular name of this species is due to the dark brown perfumed oil which it exudes from its trunk when perforated. It is obtained through long and deep incisions in the trunks from top to bottom, from which the oil slowly flows, reaching up to 8 or 10 kg each time the process is carried out. It is a colourless and almost transparent fluid, that with time, gradually hardens becoming solid and reddish in colour. It is a drugstore variety known as "balm of Tolu" and as "Balsam d'Amerique" by the French. After this procedure, the incisions are closed with clay. The healing and replacing of wounded tissue is more efficient in young plants, while older plants often reveal holes in their trunks (Nogueira, 1982). Another closely related species of the "balm" is Toluifera balsamo L. , which is obtained and used in popular medicine with the same purposes as the "balm". 8. ECONOMICS AND MARKETING Excellent wood, the heart wood being brownish-red, thinly stepped, somewhat rough and with a peculiar smell (it contains distillable essential oil); heavy, hard and resists deterioration. The sapwood has a purplish-green colour and deteriorate^ rapidly, leaving the duramen, a high quality wood of great durability which offers timbef of excellent quality. I ft v Manieri (1970), indicates this wood as one of good quality, which can be u$t*d in urban and naval construction for the bodies of vehicles, bridges, tiles and hamHes of - 149 - work tools. It is also frequently used in furniture, external and submerged construction, being preferred for the manufacture of barrels, large casks and small anchors. This species, although having a wood of excellent quality, is better known for containing essential oils in its structures, specially in the trunk. This oil was much used in the past in popular medicine, being nowadays more utilized in perfumery articles. Nogueira e_t al. (1982), cite research using different spacing in planting and cultivation of M. peruiferum (L.) Harms, and recommend it as a promising native species, as it grows rapidly and its wood and oils are of great utility. There are no anatomy studies on the structure of this species in Brazilian literature. 9. SILV1CS The tree can be grown from seed and has been introduced to Southern Florida, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, India and West Africa. It is sometimes used as an ornamental or as a shade tree for Buy Atomoxetine crops such as coffee. 10. MAJOR DISEASES None specified. 1 1 . OTHER USES Atomoxetine Hydrochloride The balm is used in the manufacture of perfumes. 12. BIBLIOGRAPHY Barros, M.A.F. e Flora Medicinal do Distrito Federal. Brasil Florestal, (1982) Brasil 12(50): 35-45. Barroso, G.M. Sistematica de Angiospermas do Brasil. Livros Tecnicos (1978) e Cientfficos Ed. S.A./Ed. da Un. de S. Paulo. Volume I. S. Paulo, 255 p. Braga, R. Plantas do Nordeste, especialmente do Ceara. 2a. Ed. (1960) Imprensa oficial do Ceara, Fortaleza - Brasil. 540 p. Carvalho, R.F. de Alguns dados Fenol6gicos de 100 especies florestais, (1976) ornamentals e frutfferas, nativas ou introduzidas na Eflex de Saltinho, PE. Brasil Florestal, Brasflia, D.F. 7(25): 42-44. Chiriani, C.H.B. La Vuelta a los vegetales. Copyright by Libreria Hachette (1974) 5. A. Argentina. 631 p. Concei^io, M. As plantas medicinais no ano 2000. Tao Livraria e editoria. (1980) 152 p. Correia, M.P. Dicionario das Plantas Oteis do Brasil e das Ex6ticas (1926-1969) Cultivadas. Rio de Janeiro. Imprensa Oficial. IBDF. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 6 v. - 150 Cruz, G.L. Diciona*rio das Plantas Oteis do Brasil. Ed. Civilizaqao (1982) Brasileira S.A. Rio de Janeiro. Brasil. 599 p. Duke, J.A. Handbook of Legumes of World Economic importance. Plenum (1981) New York and London, pages 173-177. Ferreira, M.B. Plantas Portadoras de Substancias Medicamentosas de Uso (1980) Popular, nos Cerrado de Minas Gerais. Inf. Agropecuario. Belo Horizonte. 6(61): 19-23.
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